Artists for events

Artists for corporate and private events: Everything from more traditional shows to performances with maximum wow effect. If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask us!

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Performances for Events

Freestyle Football Jugglers

Messi may have met his match with these freestyle football jugglers!

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Ice sculptures

Freeze that moment with customised ice sculptures for company or private events.

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Book Ipad magicians in Barcelona

Ipad Magicians for your event: For booths, cocktails, receptions... Even on stage.

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Champagne Aerialists

Champagne aerialists: A unique show, with a spectacular new way to serve champagne and drinks from the air.

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Graffiti and Street Artists

Do you want to add a touch of trendy street-cool to your event? Hire a graffiti artist!

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Mime Artists

Silent but deadly fun with mime artists for company or private events.

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Stilt Walkers and Jugglers

Book stilt walkers and jugglers and bring a touch of circus magic to your corporate event.

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Caricaturists in Costume

Walkaround corporate entertainment with a take-home souvenir!

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Geishas and Samurais

Bring some Asian elegance to your event with Geishas and Samurais

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Flair Bartender

Break the ice with great acrobatic shows and mouth-watering cocktails.

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Specialist stunt actors

Stunt actors from the screen to your event: choose between gangsters, pirates, medieval knights, gladiators and more!

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Body Painting Artists

Body Painting, a highly visual artistic act that uses the human body as a canvas. A superb customised show for events!

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Cyr wheel show

Corporate entertainment displaying perfect balance and astounding beauty.

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Actors and MCs

Keep the ball rolling and book professional actors for your event: MCs, hosts, role-play, presentations, speeches, etc.

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Balancing acts

Physical prowess and a visually stunning acrobatic performance for corporate events.

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Aerial Acrobats

Aerial acrobats; Poetry in motion using rings, trapezes, ropes and fabrics. Aerial acrobats are perfect for events in both enclosed and outdoor spaces and always add a touch of the dramatic and spectacular...

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Magicians and illusionists

Walkaround corporate entertainment or a spectacular stage show. 

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Human Statues

Barcelona's Street Art brought to your event.

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Silhouette Artist

Walkaround entertainment with a take-home souvenir. 

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High impact circus fun with fire, light, clubs and rings.

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