Body Painting Artists

Body Painting, a highly visual artistic act that uses the human body as a canvas. A superb customised show for events!


With its potential for a great show and diverse themes, the art of body painting, in which the artist uses the body as a canvas, is becoming a very popular choice for corporate events. By adding atmosphere to company and social celebrations, it's a great way of decorating the venue and brightening up stalls and product presentations.

Our body painting artists also use fluorescent paints, to increase the impact of the show when the event is held at night time or when there is low lighting. Body painting is usually combined with other disciplines such as dance or juggling (see our section on jugglers), especially for evening parties held in bars or nightclubs.

We have several options available, ranging from our body painter artists painting the guests, customised dancers with the company logo, and live performances by the body painting artist. Each event is given a personalised touch, just ask for a no-obligation quote for your requirements.

Body Painting at Fitur Madrid

This year, Eventos Barcelona was responsible for dynamising the Navarra de Fitur stand with a live body painting performance. During the course of the morning our artists painted the two models in a copy of the landscape on the stand. There are several techniques of body painting on offer for performances, and in this case the idea of the client was that the imagery was blended with the landscape. We used mimicry, which required the models to remain immobile to maintain the effect of the invisibility.




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