Specialist stunt actors

Stunt actors from the screen to your event: choose between gangsters, pirates, medieval knights, gladiators and more!

At Eventos Barcelona we have actors who specialise in recreating film genres, to match the event theme or the client’s preference. To this end we have scripted shows with gangsters, pirates, medieval knights and gladiators, and we are always open to new show formats.

Gangster show

gangsters2  gangsters1

This show takes us back to the fascinating but dangerous twenties, when gangsters and the Mafia were in constant battle with the police for total control of the city. The show is played out to a soundtrack of jazz and the gangsters’ weapons going off, which don’t let the city sleep. The action in the streets brings the era of chases and unending gunfire straight to the audience.

At the Las Vegas Casino party, for example, guests need to keep an eye on the gangsters, as fights can break out while the guests are playing the tables or dining. Bottles may be broken and tables overturned (there is no danger to guests). And to add to the atmosphere and recreate the real New Orleans style, typical twenties cars are also available for hire.

Medieval show

captura  medieval

Immersed in the magic and myth of the era, guests at this event can live the most fantastic stories of the middle ages. The main theme is a fight between knights and dragons, the most important part of the legends of overcoming the dark forces of evil.

Everyday scenes of a medieval town are recreated, where training for medieval games and tournaments was essential for proving your abilities with a sword and your horsemanship. We offer a large range of characters such as knights, maidens, kings and queens, troubadours, wizards and druids, to bring these Medieval adventures and conquests to life.

Wild West show

oeste2  oeste1  

Although the Wild West has come to be known as a savage and violent era of history, its beautiful tales reflect the lives of people from all backgrounds who went in search of their fortunes in a developing land. Set in a scenario of the saloon bar with Can Can dancers, the audience can get to know some of the old Wild West’s genuine characters, such as landlords, gun slingers, prostitutes and gamblers.

Pirate show

piratas1  piratas2

Experience the adventures of the feared pirates and privateersmen who boarded ships and crossed the oceans in search of treasure with our specialist actors. They will take the guests to an era where passions, greed and treachery ruled the waves and were almost always a good reason to end up in a fight.

The event recreates fights between legendary characters with swords, foils and pistols, in a genuine return to the swordsmanship of the time.

Gladiator show

gladiadores1  gladiadores2

In Roman times, one of the most important and popular events was a gladiator show. At Eventos Barcelona we have specialist actors with gladiator costumes and great skill in the art of hand-to-hand fighting. Our actors will recreate the violent and lethal gladiator battles that were held in the world’s most famous amphitheatre of the time, the Coliseum. 




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