Ice sculptures

Freeze that moment with customised ice sculptures for company or private events.


At Eventos Barcelona we have artists who create totally unique and personalised ice sculptures for our clients. Be it company logos, slogans or a new product being launched; You name it, we'll sculpt it.


Eventos Barcelona encourages clients to reinvent themselves and freeze that moment with transparent ice sculptures. For something different at your event that will make you stand out as a host.

The possibilities are endless thanks to new technology and our team of professional sculptors who create a cool (pun intended) way of decorating events. The ice sculptures can even keep their cool under the summer sun.

If you would like to book an ice sculpture for your event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ice sculptors


In addition to a personalised ice sculpture, our sculptors can also give live shows throughout your event. Specialists in forming and working blocks of transparent ice, these ice sculptors are remarkable artists.

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