Cyr wheel show

Corporate entertainment displaying perfect balance and astounding beauty.


The Cyr wheel was invented in 2003 in Montreal, and only a few artists around the world know how to use it. The Cyr wheel performance for events is a fusion between the artist and the wheel, where the Cyr is an extension of the body, rolling and moving around the venue, as if with a life of its own. With perfect control of the wheel, our artist Mr Cyr can do 360° turns and acrobatic tricks, giving a guaranteed wow factor to your event.

By adding different lighting effects, combined with an elegantly choreographed mise-en-scene, the artist creates a show of spectacular visual beauty and leaves the audience breathless.

This type of Cyr wheel act is ideal to liven up any type of corporate event, whether on stage, or on the venue floor as an up-close performance.

Below you can see an example video of this spectacular performance:




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