Stands, Tiered seating, Stages, Platforms for Hire

Hire stands, tiered seating, stages and platforms for events in Barcelona


If you are planning a large scale event and need to hire items such as a stage, tiered seating or platforms, at Eventos Barcelona we have technicians and all the equipment you'll require to put on the entire event.

At Eventos Barcelona, our industry knowledge allows us to offer all manner of technical solutions. Tell us about your event and the venue and we will carry out a study to provide solutions for the global production. Shown below is the material we have available.


Eventos Barcelona is able to host events in about 3,000 locations. We have various types of tiered seating and bleachers to hire for events, taking into account the dimensions of the space or venue. We have two types of tiered seating:

  • Layher harrow, for irregular surfaces and reaching the needed height.

Here you have small format Layher seating that we produced for Mediasport and San Miguel 0.0 for an outdoor marketing event that took place in Barcelona during the last Basketball King's Cup 2012. The NBA star Pau Gasol performed at this event using augmented reality technology. 

  • Conventional metal harrow, reaching a maximum height of 8 rows of seats.

This event took place in France and we placed tiered seating for 1000 people. We were in charge of production management during the city's Christmas time activities. This metallic harrow was hired to host a figure skating competition with one of the most important ice skaters in the world.


We have a wide range of platforms for events in Barcelona, ranging from wooden platforms and dance floors to rosco and layher. Before each production, we make a technical visit to evaluate the venue's features, dimensions and maximun weight allowances. We then propose the best option to guarantee the stability and safety of the event.

  • Platforms for stages
  • Platforms for shows
  • Wooden stage for dance floors
  • Wooden stage for beach events

Here we have two examples of platform stages: in both cases we placed wooden platforms to maximize the intensity of the flamenco show and to highlight the sound of the footwork. Platform size and height can be adapted depending on the event needs. For these two events, we managed the artistic and technical production. The first was for a convention center in Barcelona and the second for a private party for a multinational Russian company.


Eventos Barcelona manages the global production for international conventions, meetings and events in Barcelona. Thanks to our experience, we can organise and produce all manner of technical events and stage building is one of the most important parts of our work. Depending on the event, we propose different systems such as rosco, layhers or a wooden stage. We can build and customise stages for events and thanks to our creative department we can design innovative solutions in order to create unique and unforgettable events. 

In this case the client hired our event production services to manage the fashion show they hold every year. This 3 hour event was attended by 2000 guests who delighted in the music, lighting and models. The stage was built with a "T" shape of the dimensions of 20mx8m wide and 1.5m high. As it had to be placed on the beach, we used a wooden stage which was much easier to level.

At Eventos Barcelona you can hire stages and seating for events in Barcelona with a full safety guarantee.




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