Aerial dance show

Aerial and vertical dance: visual beauty at altitude. Book an aerial ballet choreographed specifically for your event.

This tremendous show of strength, grace and precision makes vertical dance one of the most impressive artistic performances available today.


There are different disciplines of aerial dance, such as the acrobatic performance using lengths of silk suspended from the ceiling, or vertical dance, which usually uses a stage, façade or structure to create different types of fantastic choreography and acrobatics using harnesses. All shows are choreographed to the music of your choice.

At Eventos Barcelona you can book all types of aerial dance shows, with groups of several dancers or solo acts. We ensure that every corporate and private event is a resounding success.

Event at CCC BORN with Castellers and aerial dance


Eventos Barcelona managed the artistic production for this gala dinner event with two very special shows that were performed over the course of the evening.

The first was a group of traditional Catalan castellers, who make human towers up to 6 people high. They made their entrance with traditional live music while cocktails were being served. To the surprise of the guests, the group performed their act three times, climbing onto each other’s shoulders to build their tower. The gala dinner followed, held right above the very archaeological remains of the City of Born and the permanent exhibition of 1714 Barcelona, beneath the emblematic nineteenth-century building of the Born market.


The second show organised by Eventos Barcelona was an aerial dance performance by two dancers. The choreography was performed using vertical lengths of silk 13 metres high, and the performance opened the surprise after-party and dancing with music from our dj.

DSC04151000aerial dance

At Eventos Barcelona we specialise in organising events, covering all artistic and technical production. We will transform your great ideas from an event concept into reality.




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