Polynesian dance groups

Traditional Polynesian dance groups: Tahitian dances such as the Tamure and the Haka.


Our dance group of traditional Polynesian dance will take you to the archipelago of Polynesia with traditional Tahitian dances such as the Tamure, the Haka, and the fire dance.

This is a varied show where, as well as performing the traditional Polynesian dances, the dancers also juggle with fire. And there are a few more surprises too!

The joy of life they portray takes the audience to the purest traditions. The length of the show can be adapted to the event, and can be split into several parts or performed in one show, and the dance group can include between 4 and 10 dancers.

Our native Polynesian dance group was invited to the Spanish television programme Hormiguero 3.0 to dance the traditional Maori dance and demonstrate the Haka dance performed by rugby players to intimidate their opponents. Eventos Barcelona were responsible for organising the event, which was televised on one of Spain’s main channels.


Polynesian Dance is one of the many shows offered by Eventos Barcelona. 




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