Brazilian Shows - Dancers, Capoeira and Batucada drummers

Brazilian dancers, capoeira and batucada drummers for events.


Our Capoeira for events is a demonstration of popular Brazilian culture that combines certain characteristics: a mixture of fighting, dancing, and play, with musical accompaniment of traditional instruments such as the berimbau, the pandeiro and the atabaque, clapping and singing. It is also an exceptional form of self-defence and physical exercise. A show of immense physical strength and prowess which is guaranteed to leave your guests speechless.

The show is adaptable to any kind of event. You can also hire batucada drummers and percussion groups, as well as a combination of 12 batucada drummers with Brazilian carnival dancers or a Samba batucada and African percussion. All groups are of an international level. Groups of between 5 and 40 members will bring colour and rhythm and a sense of celebration to your company event. 

Our Brazilian dance group at the MWC in Barcelona.


Our batucada and Brazilian dance group performed at an event hosted by the telecommunications company Yoigo at Cachitos Restaurant in Barcelona.

For this event we used 5 percussionists and 2 dancers (see photo above).

The performance was in 2 parts of 15 minutes each, in which the group recreated a Brazilian Carnival street down the length of the room, inviting the guests to dance until everybody was dancing to the unmistakeably catchy Brazilian rhythm.

If you would like to create our Brazilian Carnival street at your event don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can offer the perfect formula to suit your requirements and budget.




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