Glam Dancers

Add a touch of glamour to your event with these exotic and extraordinary Glam dancers.

At Eventos Barcelona we have the perfect option if you want to add a touch of glamour that will make your corporate event stand out.


We aim to offer a unique and special atmosphere at every company event, and one way of achieving this is with the essence of this dance group, which evokes femininity, sensuality and elegance with every movement.

The style of the Glam Dancers depends on the concept of your event or the theme of the party, as their costumes are designed to be elaborate and extravagant, whether you want a futuristic, avant-garde, sensual or cabaret style. We take care of every detail with multiple accessories, such as gloves, feathers, sequins, hats and masks, and we can transform any conceptual idea into reality, adapting our act to any style or theme.

one glamm dancerglamm dancers 2

The Glam Dancers can perform several acts at one event, as they specialise in special welcomes, stage shows, and simply creating the right atmosphere for the venue where the event is held, as well as interacting with the guests and keeping the party going.





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