Street dancers, Breakdancers, Hip Hop and Parkour

Add energy and street cool with our breakdancers and Parkour for events

Street Dancers

Breakdance comes from the United States, was developed in dance studios, and has now become highly popular with young people, for its improvisation, its power and its interaction between the dancers and their audience.

At Eventos Barcelona we have groups of street dancers for events, groups of hip hop and breakdance designed for events and shows that combine toprock, foot work, and power moves in a performance that guarantees a show on the cutting edge of current aesthetics. Our hip hop and breakdance shows are usually accompanied by a dj, vocal percussion or beatbox, and professional graffiti artists.


We also have parkour artists. Parkour is a discipline that consists of moving from one point to another as fluidly as possible, using only the power of the human body. That means jumping over urban obstacles in the way such as fences, walls, or railings, or even trees, stones and rivers in more rural settings. Parkour can be used for events and be integrated into product launches, stage dances and personalised events with an informal theme.





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