Tango shows - Authentic Argentine Passion

Tango show: elegance and sensuality in movement

The Tango is the most authentic of all Argentine artistic expressions, created in Río de la Plata between Argentina and Uruguay from the cultures of immigrant peoples at the end of the nineteenth century.

At Eventos Barcelona you can book all types of tango shows for your event, from traditional performances to contemporary shows featuring audio-visual projections. This style of dance, based on a couple’s embrace, is completely sensual and complex, and demands total coordination between the dancers.

The tango essentially represents the pain and suffering of love, and is usually accompanied by typical instruments such as the accordion, guitar, double bass, and piano.

Below you can see the Tango in Love show, an example of our performances for events. This Tango show is highly adaptable, as the number of dancers and the length of the performance can be modified in accordance with the type of event: to fit in at a gala dinner, a product launch, a convention, or any other event.

The Tango In Love show pays tribute to the original art of tango which in 2009 was given the status of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The show is formed of two parts with a folkloric section in the middle, and lasts an hour and a half.

Tango shows available for events - Shows de tango para eventos from Eventos Barcelona on Vimeo.

Act One

Scene 1 Set in a dancehall in Buenos Aires. Before the show commences members of the audience are invited to act as extras in the scene, where the tango will be danced, and dressed in typical hats and feather boas, to make at least some of the audience feel they are a part of the cast and stetting.

Choreography typical of the 30s and 40s, and solos from dance couples.

Scene 2 The slums. The origin and inspiration of the Tango was the slums, whose roots should not be forgotten, abandoned or betrayed. In this scene there are groups of four dancers and a solo from a couple, performing the joy of the dance and the street fights between the locals in the form of dance.

Scene 3 Cosas del Amor, expressed with the Buenos Aires waltz and sensual dances from a solo couple, each telling a different story of lovers, men and women of the village and their tales of joy and woe.

The choreography is based in the roots of tango, but with a modern twist, also reflected in the dancers’ costumes. The musicians increase the levels of energy and sensuality with each scene.

Act Two

Scene 4 Folkloric Argentine Malambo (a type of tap dance performed by a man). Zamba is a traditional Argentine dance that portrays the ritual of a conquest, using the body and scarves held in each hand that represent the wings of birds.

And lastly the Chacarera, a group dance, which evokes the joy of country people and the festive celebrations.

Scene 5 Modernism. Men and women who are lost in this scene try and find themselves through music.

Scene 6 Envy. A dance portraying the main elements of rejection and attraction within different relationships. 

Scene 7  The end is the farewell to this powerful and passionate journey we have experienced in the Buenos Aires slums through this beautiful dance.




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