Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova or Brazilian jazz: atmospheric, rhythmical Brazilian music to liven up any event.

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The melodic rhythm of Brazilian music makes this a perfect option for social or company celebrations and gala dinners. At Eventos Barcelona we can provide hugely talented groups with disparate styles that vary from Bossa Nova and the energetic Samba de Rio, to fit in with the level of energy you want to encourage at your event.

Our shows are adaptable to your needs, and we provide groups of five live musicians, or duos of a pianist and singer. At Eventos Barcelona we adapt our show to your event, not the other way round.

From the fusion of Brazilian music with jazz, our singer entertains and delights, carried by the beautiful flow of the harmonies and melodies produced by such a combination. The group can be a soloist, a duo, a trio, a quartet or a quintet, and the instruments can be a guitar, piano, double bass or electric bass, percussion or drums, saxophone, flute and vocals, to supply a lively repertoire of popular Brazilian music. 

Below you can watch a sample video of one of our Bossa Nova groups:




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