Dixieland Band

Dixieland bands liven up events and company cocktail evenings with their energy and pazzazz!


Our Dixieland musicians play their music just as the New Orleans groups did at the beginning of the twentieth century; with energy and pazzazz! A sextet is the ideal and most comprehensive size, consisting of a trumpet, a clarinet, a banjo, a double bass, a trombone and a percussionist, in which three melodic instruments improvise together.

Whether you want background music for your event, or music to liven up cocktails, our Dixieland band is a great choice! With their lively music and carefully selected costumes they will transport the guests to an unexpected and unforgettable time.

As they need no amplification system, this formation also means that the group can tailor their act according to the event. They are free to move around the venue or accompany the other artists, such as jugglers or stilt-walkers, to give a complete and personalised performance.

Below you can see a promotional video:




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