Book Drummers in Barcelona

Groups of drummers and authentic Brazilian batucada dancers, to bring rhythm and energy to any event.


At Eventos Barcelona, you can book the style and formation of percussionists that best suits your event or celebration. Whether you want African sounds with djembes, Arabic with darbukas, or Latino with congas and kettle drums, the beat of the percussion will get any event or celebration up on its feet.

You can also hire drummers and percussion groups, batucada with dancers, samba batucada, and African percussion groups. All our drummer groups are of an international standard, made up of between 5 and 40 performers, to bring colour and rhythm to your company event, street party or private event.

We also have a Brazilian batucada group of up to 12 percussionists, accompanied by impressive Brazilian dancers, to make up a show that is full of rhythm and colour and which will take over the streets or the venue where the party takes place.

Below you can watch one of our drummer groups:




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