Catalan Flamenco Rumba

The Catalan Rumba is a traditional style of music with roots in flamenco and uplifting melodies, beats and dancing. An ideal performance for welcoming guests, or animating cocktail evenings and company dinners.


The Catalan rumba is a musical genre born in the twentieth century in the heart of the Catalan gypsy community. Artists such as Peret, El Pescadilla and Chacho, and later Los Amaya, Rumba Tres, Chango, Gato Pérez, the Gypsy Kings and Los Manolos, are the visible faces of a musical style that has reached the modern day in full swing and is practiced today by both gypsies and non-gypsies. Its catchy and upbeat rhythms grab the audience and pulls them onto the dance floor.

Eventos Barcelona has different formations of Catalan rumba with lots of experience in events. The act can be performed on stage or amongst the guests, in which the artists encourage the guests to join in, either spontaneously or according to prior instructions. The show lasts 45 minutes, and can be split into several parts through the course of the event, or performed in one show.

The group is made up of three dancers, but can be extended, and this act can be the aperitif, the cocktail, the dessert or the coffee and liqueur of a good meal. The act consists of a selection of rumbas, with new songs mixed with well-known songs such as Bamboleo, La Làgrima, All My loving, Macarena, Djobi Djoba, Volaré, Borriquito, Caramelos, and Gitana Hechicera.




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