Lounge Music

Musicians and instruments from all over the world for lounge music events, perfect for creating a pleasant atmosphere and background.

At Eventos Barcelona we have a series of instruments and lounge music groups to bring atmosphere to your corporate or private event. These options can also be accompanied by a dj to create more melodies and sound effects. Below are some of our options:

Hang Drum

hang2  hang

The hang drum is a percussion instrument created in a Swiss laboratory by the company PANART in 2000. Hang means hand in the Bernese language. The instrument was the result of scientific research with steel and other resonant percussion instruments from around the world such as the gong, gamelan instruments, steel drums and the ghatam.

At Eventos Barcelona we have several musicians who play the hang drum, who can play as soloists or accompanied by other instruments including crystal singing bowls or the didgeridoo. You can also hire a dup of hang drums for your event, or the musician can play over pre-recorded base music from a dj and a sound system. This is an ideal option to provide a gentle atmosphere at a company event, or cocktails in the open air.

Crystal singing bowls - Didgeridoo

ravihang  didgeridoo

Crystal singing bowls (in the photo) are not just utensils, but can also be played as an instrument that produces a mysterious deep sound. This show is a curiosity whose originality captures the attention of guests with the quality of sound and the atmosphere it generates. The bowls are accompanied by other ethnic instruments such as the ocean drum, rain sticks, zills, or other little-known instruments which will fascinate your guests.

Other available instruments: gong, tanpura, rain sticks, ocean drum...




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