Opera Shows

Opera shows for events: from a solo tenor or baritone to quartets, sopranos, zarzuela, and secret singers. Corporate entertainment in Barcelona at its best.


We have several opera shows that are adaptable for corporate and private events:



An opera show in which four extraordinary lyrical voices act out delicious fragments of well-known classic and contemporary opera in an intimate and innovative setting.

Let yourself be carried away by La Traviata, Carmen, Turandot, Evita and The Phantom of the Opera, among many more.

This show is adaptable to your event, and can be divided into several acts or performed as one show.



The essence of the lyrical world in a classic and elegant programme of opera, operetta, zarzuela, oratorio and lied.

From Handel and Vivaldi to Rossini, Verdi and Tchaikovsky, not forgetting the great Spanish classics like Chapí, Alonso, Sorozábal, Lorca and Manuel de Falla.

This programme can be tailored for your event according to genre and composer.



A zarzuela concert performed by a baritone, a tenor, a soprano, a mezzo-soprano and a pianist.

A romantic programme for the audience to enjoy the beauty of the genre.

Luisa Fernanda, La Tabernera del Puerto, La Revoltosa, and Doña Francisquita are a selection of the titles that can be included in this programme.



Imagine a tenor disguised as a waiter, who to your guests’ surprise, begins to sing as he serves, as the waitress at the next table accompanies him in O Sole Mio.

This show is guaranteed to make a big impression on your guests. The singers perform their act after waiting on guests, who have no idea they are amazing opera singers, with a magnificent stage setup and constant touches of humour that make the audience truly feel that they are part of the experience.




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