Saxo Chill Out - Lounge

Chill-out saxophone: style, elegance and good fun, ideal for open-air events and parties.

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At Eventos Barcelona we offer the magic and energy of the saxophone, to fill your company event or party with an enchanting and overwhelming sound. The saxophone is full of character, and can be played alone, as the soundtrack to another act, or as part of a band to add an extra blast of style.

And at Eventos Barcelona we have a list of high-class saxophonists for events who will astonish any audience, and relax, warm up or animate any event in spring, summer or winter. There’s always room for a saxophone.

If you would like to hire a solo saxophonist, accompanied by a chill-out dj or this artist in any other format such as a sax or brass trio, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Lounge Saxo

If you're organising a Gala Dinner or Cocktail evening, there is also the possibility of hiring a Lounge Saxo duo (female singer and a saxophonist). Please watch the sample video below so you can get an idea.




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