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For an evening of elegance, musical beauty and sophisticated taste, book a classical music concert for your gala dinner.

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Classical music makes an event elegant, refined and stylish, and at Eventos Barcelona we have groups of classical musicians with a classical repertoire from timeless composers including Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Our musicians’ performance is very flexible, and the group can be larger or smaller in accordance with your event.

Here you can see our elegant female classical trio, made up of three highly versatile violinists, who can adapt their performance to all types of company or private events.


One of our most popular classical groups is made up of two main musicians on the piano and the flute, and is created with the idea of uniting various eras in musical history through the innovation of the twentieth century. From Russia and Uzbekistan, their music is based on emotion, feeling and an intuition for each piece, combined to celebrate the passions of Romanticism and Impressionism.


If required, the group can be extended to include more musicians. The repertoire also includes pieces by Schumann, Godard, Heifetz, Rachmaninov, Pixinguinha, Bittencourt, DeViola, Kern, and Ferreira, among others...

We also have highly renowned solo artists, like our Cuban guitarist and classical music composer whose has been awarded prizes in ten international classical guitar competitions and whose repertoire includes some impressive virtuoso pieces. 


Any combination of musicians and format can be arranged, such as string quartets, wind groups, Spanish guitar, harps, chamber music, and orchestral symphonies of up to 20 musicians!

At Eventos Barcelona we are experts in creating, designing, producing and managing customised events, from shows of the latest trends to traditional and classic performances.




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