Laser Harp

Laser Harp: Music and Technology in a unique performance!


The laser harp is an incredible innovative electronic musical instrument that instead of the traditional strings has laser beams that vibrate to create musical notes. The instrument uses the latest technology and is a brand new way to make your event an amazing experience for all your guests.

For a top-level live performance with incredible visual effects combined with unprecedented laser harp music, Eventos Barcelona will provide exactly what you want. The laser harp show is an innovative, elegant and mind-blowing musical performance that will wow your audience. Your guests will be intrigued as the musician plucks each laser beam and creates musical improvisations for a magical event.

The laser harp plays different sounds and effects, and can also be linked to video projections to create a complete immersive entertainment experience.

This technology is ideal for gala dinners, ceremonies, parties, product presentations, and any event that represents cutting-edge technology and high impact. The act is available in Barcelona and world-wide.

Below you can see a demonstration of the show:

Latest Performances



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