Laser Shows

The laser show is ideal for events that require a high visual impact. A thrilling show of lights, lasers and spectacular projections.

tibidabo0001Laser Show2

Just over four decades ago the laser show was born, and great stars like The Who, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin were pioneers in using the art, filling their shows with adrenalin. Today, it is almost compulsory to decorate an event with laser effects.

At Eventos Barcelona we have a wide range of monochromatic and RGB lasers for fantastic visual effects, accompanied by excellent sound effects to create a high impact show. We have a creative team who will take care of the technical production and surpass all expectations.

tibidabo0007laser Show3

All our laser shows can be personalised to the theme of your event, incorporating logos, corporate messages, or products to make the show unique, exclusive and highly impressive.

At Eventos Barcelona we specialise in choosing the highest quality shows for corporate events; innovative shows that guarantee something extra special for your event and leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.

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