Light Art Show

A highly creative show for corporate events, in which the artist uses light sprays to create a personalised story for the client.


Eventos Barcelona is delighted to present our new spectacular show, Light Art, an act that is exclusive to Spain and incredibly original, with its effects using fluorescent lighting and the precise technique of the artist. Light Art is a highly visual show for corporate events that combines the techniques of graffiti with fluorescent lights to create a visual story that will completely captivate the audience. Beauty, originality and energy in one.

Our artist has won several international awards, and designs personalised shows for events, which can incorporate brand values, slogans or messages during the 8-10 minute performance.

Light Art guess1Light Art Guess2

Another option for this show is to perform it directly on the product, which can be an ideal option for product presentations, gala dinners, award presentations, company conventions or opening nights.

At Eventos Barcelona we specialise in selecting shows of the highest level for company events, innovative shows that add something extra to the event and leave your guests with an lasting memory.

Below you can see a personalised show that we organised for Guess.

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