Light Painting and other Artistic Painting Performances

A totally personalised performance that combines light and painting with the most innovative artistic techniques of the genre.

At Eventos Barcelona we have an internationally renowned visual artist who has performed in Morocco, India, Thailand, Qatar and Kuwait, and for big names including Mercedes, Maserati, Puma, Huawei, Endesa and Audi. Our artist specialises in several techniques of speed-painting, which always leave the best until the end, as the finished piece is only revealed at the finale of the performance.

steve jobs

This high impact visual show plays with invisible paint and light, and will wow all the guests at your corporate or private event, whether it be a gala dinner, a convention, a congress, or a stall at a fair.

Light painting can also be accompanied by live music, such as a percussion, gong, or didgeridoo act, which will create an entertaining 5-8 minute performance of live music and painting.


The piece is painted in white paint on a white background. Just a few details are painted in colour to confuse the audience. The painting is revealed suddenly when the artist uncovers a black spot light that reveals the painting in fluorescent light.

light paint mercedes2light paint mercedes1


The performance consists of painting with transparent glue on a black canvas, which creates an almost invisible image, and as the music ends, the artist splashes metallic glitter paint on the canvas that reveals the brilliant work of art.

pupurinart3basf madonna


The artist paints a picture that at the last minute he turns over to reveal a face or a picture selected by the client. Here are some examples of pieces that have been painted upside-down.

british telecomdrac parc guell1


For this show the artist can paint any image during the event, to create a constantly evolving visual animation, and producing a final image such as the marketing logo or the values of the company.


Below you can see a light painting performance which we designed for an important client, and which amazed all the guests at the event.


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