Chill-out party

Do you want to host a chill-out party in Barcelona? We can help you.

At Eventos Barcelona we specialise in organising theme parties for events, and Barcelona’s location on the coast makes the chill-out party one of our most popular themes for corporate events and private parties.

Chill-out decoration  


We create an intimate relaxing atmosphere, with decoration such as curtains, low sofas and a white colour scheme to give your event a touch of chill-out elegance.

Artists to welcome guests  


As guests arrive, one of our cocktail artists will serve them a delicious welcome cocktail made from fruits and spirits. The names, colours and tastes of the cocktails can be personalised and inspired by the company organising the event. We also provide several circus performers to animate the party with fire juggling, contact juggling and bubble-blowing during the welcome cocktails.

Chill-out music  


As a perfect mood-setter, we have several chill-out groups such as dj and saxophonist or chill-out flamenco, which combine electric bass with flamenco guitar, and our group Spiritual Chill, with the hang drum, rain sticks, harmonium and guitar; taking guests on a true sonic journey. In addition to all these artists, we also offer masseurs, henna tattooists, and other extras.

Chill-out show 


As night falls our group White Dancers takes the floor with illuminated costumes and dance different routines among the guests with light-juggling.

An ideal party for celebrations in the open air, with great atmosphere and superb music.


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