Flair Bartender.

At Eventos Barcelona we offer a hugely varied cocktail menu, which can be adapted to fit in with the theme of the event, and we can also make tailored cocktails, using drinks that match the company colours.

Break the ice with great acrobatic shows and mouth-watering cocktails.

A juggling show by our flair bartenders is a great idea to surprise your guests and add a touch of glamour to your corporate parties, events or private celebrations. Our professionals prepare authentic, mouth-watering cocktails and mixed drinks with genuine acrobatics played out with their bottles, mixers and shakers. A visual experience for all the guests and the perfect icebreaker, with acrobatic shows using up to four bottles at the same time!

Bar staff in Barcelona for your party

You’re imagining it now: a barman shaking a cocktail at your next party, serving the best drinks to your guests with chill out music playing in the background. There’s a choice of Daiquiri, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Caipirinha and more. Or even better: a drinks menu adapted to your branding. For example, ecological cocktails that capture the spirit of your sustainable product business, or the best drinks prepared with Champagne to reflect your sophistication. How about cocktails with a touch of spice to represent the Asian destinations of your travel agency? The possibilities are endless, but you’ll need the perfect support and tools if you want to make your party an all-out success.

The importance of hiring bar staff for your party

If you’re looking for bar staff in Barcelona for your next corporate party or that wedding anniversary you want to celebrate in your enormous garden, EB offers you the best solutions. If you want to hire bar staff for your party, we will ensure that your event surpasses all expectations for both organizers and guests alike.   We have a long list of professionals capable of meeting your drinks and show requirements. Visual magicians who are able to pour you a glass of something and juggle four bottles of vodka at the same time, with a smile suggesting that you’re sipping on the best cocktail in the city. But that’s not all.

What if we told you that you could have your own cocktail bar at your party?

The bar staff are the stars of the show provided to you by EB, who thanks to our team of professionals can offer up any solution for even the smallest of details. For example, how about a cocktail bar for a one-off event? Intrigued? We’re referring to setting up a bar wherever you want, with an endless display of drinks included from our selection or adapted to your brand. The collective impression of a cocktail bar, bar staff and their tricks will help turn any party into a sure-fire success. Are you looking for bar staff in Barcelona? EB can help you with this and much more.