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At Eventos Barcelona we have a great variety of actors for corporate events. Below are several examples and options available:

Actores eventos en Barcelona

Book actors for events: Roleplay, meetings, MC…

At any good event you always need that one person to present the acts and to liven up the other guests as much as possible. This person is usually an actor, an element that includes a large variety of facets for the required event, theme, tone or occasion.   You may need a presenter for the benefit gala that you have been planning for so long, or an entertainer to tell some lively stories to provoke more than a few surprised reactions among an audience. Maybe you want an actor who, upon finding their inner Phantom of the Opera, tries to scare your guests as part of a show, or a monologist who stirs up laughter among the attendees to help create a unique atmosphere. These are just a few examples of the long list of options available to you. As you can see, an actor adds a different aspect to any event based around its theme and tone, and there are hundreds of possibilities. So, if you’re looking for event actors in Barcelona, there is no easier way to do it thanks to our extensive knowledge and tools.    At EB we have the best acting agencies on our books, whether it be for party actors, undercover actors, or any other type you may need. We are a brand that meets all the needs and desires of event organizers. We provide a unique experience that is above and beyond what you imagined and work with the best industry professionals.    Our long list of actors in Barcelona is available to you to add a unique and alternative touch to your event, whether it be with humour, a show, fear or simply through event management, which at times can be hugely important when dealing with various guests and issues. Get ready to be amazed by some of the best actors in Barcelona.  These people (and characters) will add an alternative and unique touch to your dream event and surpass your expectations. Do you want to know more about hiring actors in Barcelona?

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From elegant evening-wear to more informal events, we have experienced MCs who can host all manner of meetings, conventions, events, award ceremonies and gala dinners in several languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese. We coordinate closely with the client and the Master of Ceremonies so that the right tone and look is achieved..


A scenario in which one or more actors take on roles and play out a series of events, with the aim of transmitting the message of the meeting and usually representing situations linked to the company (such as work-related risks, sales, customer service, new protocol, or company values and guidelines). This type of scenario can also be played out in video, and can work with any approach – from comedy to the most convincing realism.

Tailored monologues

Humorous speeches, either in character or simply as a monologue, which develop a theme linked to the event. By re-working the information given by the client, the monologue portrays a different vision for any theme related to the company (such as products, campaigns, presentations, work teams or departments).

Dynamising activities

Any type of teamwork can be brought to life by using colourful characters that help to motivate the team to live the experience to the full and becoming fully involved in the activity they are going to do. One example of an activity for corporate events with actors is the Murder Mystery Dinner, a live adaptation of the famous board game Cluedo: the action develops during a dinner at which a murder is committed. The guests have to find out clues by questioning the different characters and work out who the murderer is. Another activity to dynamise groups is the Treasure Hunt for company events; Using the whole city as its stage, guests have to find a series of elements by solving clues, handed out by different characters dressed in costume, until they reach the final destination.

Famous Look a likes

At Eventos Barcelona we have professional look-a-likes to add personalised atmosphere to any themed event, whether a company celebration, gala dinner or a cocktail party. Add a touch of glamour with Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Elvis Presley, Groucho Marx look-a-likes at your event.

Audience Participation

Liven up your event and add some fun with these themed character actors who interact with guests at receptions, or during cocktails or a coffee break. A TV reporter could interview the guests on camera, for example, or a personality linked to the event could pretend to be another guest. 

The False Lecturer

The conference of this false psychologist is not only extremely funny, but helps to break the ice and overcome the self-imposed obstacles we often create. Such obstacles make us stop believing in ourselves and lose the passion and courage to face all aspects of our lives with the strength we need. As well as affecting our state of mind and our direct environment, it also influences our attitude towards work and our professional surroundings. It is very important that the audience believes right from the start that the company has brought in a foreign psychologist of international fame, and the character proposes a journey from the real to the impossible, through all sorts of emotions from disbelief to private laughter.

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