Aerial Dance Artist..


Pirouettes up high, twists and turns in the sky… the grace and strength of aerial dance will always wow your audience. This incredible aerial dance act for events can be carried out using chains, ropes or cloth and each choreography is adapted to the type of event. This show has been performed for audiences in the USA, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Honduras, the Caribbean and UAE.

Book aerial dance acts for a really unforgettable show.

Aerial Dance

This aerial dance act for events moves forward into a more daring and modern discipline: Aerial chains are a new concept that not many of your guests will have seen. A traditional acrobat makes delicate and graceful moves with long cloth or ropes. However, the iron chains add a whole new dimension of strength and risk allowing for more daring choreography.


At Eventos Barcelona, we have a wide range of aerial performers for your event, and each act can be adapted according to your requirements. The number and length of performances, the music and the choreography can all be personalised. Aerial acts do however require a minimum ceiling height to be able to build rigging or truss high enough to hang from. We have a freestanding construction that can be set up at open-air events.

If you would like to book an aerial dance act for your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be delighted to sort it for you! If you need some advice about other acts or help with sound and lighting, we offer technical and artistic production solutions for all aspects of event management.

Aerial Dance