Balancing Acts and Acrobats.

At Eventos Barcelona we specialise in shows for company events, we recommend this balancing performance to animate all types of corporate and private events, including gala dinners, conventions, or company celebrations. We offer a show of different balancing skills demonstrating physical strength and perfect technique.

Balancing act and Acrobatic displays for corporate or private events.

Balancing acts in Barcelona

You’ve seen it in a film, maybe even at a party, but you were never sure if it could be done. Nevertheless, the options available in the world of events never cease to amaze and one of the most exclusive possibilities is hiring a balancing act for your party. These specialist artists, through various different performances, are able to create poetry metres above your head with dances that will entice your guests and add a touch of elegance to the event.   Are you organising a lantern-lit sunset garden party? Have you booked an art gallery in which you want the harmony of the paintings to beautifully combine with the language of the body? If so, hiring a balancing act is the best option to amaze your guests and create a truly unique event.   

Eventos Barcelona los mejores equilibrista
Equilibristas Eventos Barcelona

The attraction of hiring a balancing act

If you’re looking to hire balancing acts in Barcelona for an event, we’ve got the solution. Our company is made up of professionals who love what they do and who are able to turn any party into an unforgettable show. Our balancing act offers a magnificent show at various different heights, performing different dances in an array of outfits. They are professionals who are the foundations of a perfect performance that will fully define the concept of the event. We will take care of all the details to ensure an optimum experience that is exactly to your taste.

Balancing acts, visual poetry and a touch of exclusivity

If you decide to hire a balancing act for your event, we don’t just provide you with all you need to know, we help you manage the performance and ensure that everything is perfect. We also have a wide range of additional options for your party including lighting, sound systems, actors, caricaturists and silhouette artists, to name a few. Are you looking for a balancing act in Barcelona for your party? Don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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