Asian artists: Geishas and Samurais.

At Eventos Barcelona we can also provide an exotic atmosphere with Asian artists for your corporate event. Inspired by the richness and diversity of Eastern cultures we have designed a series of performances for events that will transport the audience to the enchantments of Japan, brought to life with typical geishas with authentic costume and make-up.

Artistas asiáticos para eventos

Bring some Asian elegance to your event with Geishas and Samurais.

The Geishas with their traditional dress and make-up delight guests with dances and their sophisticated presence. We can also provide experts in kendo, a martial art inspired by the ancient samurai. Our Kendo fencers will perform an authentic display of the art using bamboo katanas and protected by spectacular costumes. The whole show can also be accompanied by music from traditional instruments such as the shakuhatsi, a Japanese wind instrument that will transport guests to new worlds with its sweet melodies. A great option to surprise guests with a special welcome, or during cocktails or a gala dinner.

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