Graffiti and Street Artists.

At Eventos Barcelona we have many different graffiti artists for events. Their shows portray cool modernity, youth and art as a form of expression. For a comprehensive street vibe, these artists are often combined with breakdance groups and djs.

Do you want to add a touch of trendy street-cool to your event? Hire a graffiti artist!

This urban art discipline in a highly expressive, dynamic and developing art form that conveys a colourful and very visual message, and always makes an impact. Our graffiti artists for events in Barcelona can reproduce all types of images, logos and colours with their aerosols. You name it, they’ll spray it. Graffiti art became popular 30 years ago and is currently one of the most striking art forms. We can adapt this performance to your particular venue, time of day and space, to ensure that it is noticed by everybody at the event. We recommend this type of show for corporate and private events held in the open air or in large spaces. The design of the graffiti art is never improvised, even though it may appear to be. The art is always developed according to the instructions of the marketing team, and the possibilities are endless. The graffiti can be a logo, the name of a product, the portrait of one of the people at the event or an urban decorative piece. We also hold graffiti art workshops for company groups as a team-building exercise. If your event is being held in the evening, we can use fluorescent paints which create a high impact visual effect.

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