Jugglers for events.

At Eventos Barcelona we have professional jugglers for events who are absolute masters with clubs, rings and balls, as well as fire and LED lights (using fluorescent clubs is ideal for interior venues)… and to give the act extra impact, the jugglers can also be combined with stilt-walkers.

Show jugglers ideal for corporate events in Barcelona

We recommend to book at least two jugglers to liven up this circus entertainment, as they can perform together, throwing and catching objects between them. The jugglers are very versatile and can form a part of all types of events, from cocktail parties or receptions to gala dinners, to promotional nightclub events, parades and stalls. And depending on the event and venue specifications, the jugglers can incorporate fire and led effects, or use more traditional objects.

Jugglers in Barcelona

A party or an event does not just depend on the catering and a good playlist. There is much, much more: lighting, surround sound, staging, unimaginable items that turn out to be more necessary than anything else, acts and jugglers able to galvanise any social gathering. Imagine your guests sipping on a cocktail in the garden while a juggler breaths fire over their heads, leaving them all staring in amazement. How about children laughing at the sight of two balancing magicians swapping clubs mid-air? Doesn’t it sound great? We can add to the perfect party by meeting the needs of even the most imaginative of minds.

The importance of a juggler at your party

A juggler is not just limited to performing in a park or a children’s farm, they are for any occasion or event and are fully adaptable to the style, theme and concept. At EB we have worked in event management and organization for years, conscious of the importance of looking after every detail and getting the best acts for optimum results. Tell us what you want, and we will help you get it by going through all the possibilities related to hiring jugglers for events in Barcelona. Suggestions and advice that can be applied to every aspect of a party to fascinate and intrigue guests.  

Jugglers: fire, light, art…

We can advise you on every element involved in hiring two or more jugglers for an event, and if it is on a larger scale, EB will provide you with all the possibilities to execute your plan to perfection. More or less jugglers, the appropriate outfits, exclusive performances for a specific audience; there are a variety of options available to trigger a smile and surprised expression in an event that is even better than you could have imagined. One that surpasses all realms of possibility. If you’ve got this far and you want jugglers at your next event, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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