Magicians and Illusionists in Barcelona.

We have well renowned magic and illusion professionals, so you can choose the show that best suits your event, whether it be a product launch, a convention or a business meeting.

Magic and illusion shows for corporate and private events.

We offer the option of a customised show for your event, whether during a product launch, sales or marketing meetings, or at less formal occasions such as dinners, fairs, or cocktail evenings. The best way to ensure that guests remember your message, product or service is to link this information with an entertaining, participatory and evocative presentation. At Eventos Barcelona we work to ensure that your message is delivered successfully in a way that is clear, direct, participatory and entertaining.

Magicians in Barcelona

Every company or person is captivated by illusion, and who knows about illusions better than a magician? Maybe you’ve always been a fan of magic, of the mysteries behind all those programmes that fascinated you as a child, or that show that you once went to? And let’s suppose that you’re thinking of throwing a party. Well, what if we were to tell you that you could have a magician at your event and transform it into something epic? Imagine a business meeting in which you want to send a highlighted message in an alternative manner, or a birthday party where one person resolves the futures of all the attendees. How about a gala dinner that finishes with an elegant and exclusive show? No, it’s not a dream.

The magic of a magician at your event

If you’re looking for magicians in Barcelona, EB is the perfect partner to provide you with the best solution. Experts in the organization and management of events, our company has a variety of tools and collaborators to make your dream party a real success. We take care of even the smallest details. We carry out an analysis on the venue and its capabilities, the theme and the concept and we measure up all the options to best adapt them to the circumstances and wishes of each individual.  

Bewitch yourself with a magic show

Hiring magicians in Barcelona for your event is only the start of a rollercoaster ride full of details and excitement that combine to result in the perfect occasion. Whether you want a discreet show or one that is a bit more eye-catching on a stage that we have set up for you, through our selection of event magicians we can help you send the message and meaning that you want. It will be a truly personal result, almost as if it were an impossible magic trick that you didn’t believe until you saw it unfold in front of your own eyes. The magic that a party can have with the right spells cast over it. Are you looking for magicians in Barcelona? Just say abracadabra and we’ll be there in a flash.