Freestyle Football Jugglers.

Eventos Barcelona has a variety of freestyle footballers to make any event more enjoyable and fun by combining a series of Ronaldinho style football tricks with other innovative techniques whether they be on the floor, with the head, with flips or in combination with other freestylers.  

Freestyle footballers for your event in Barcelona

For even more effect, you can hire more than one football freestyler so they can head, kick and trick the balls between them. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us. Below you can see a demonstration video.

Freestyle football in Barcelona

Over the last few months you have been sponsoring an association or an initiative and have decided to hold an event to celebrate it. Maybe you’ve got a sports clothing shop and you want to add the latest line of a famous trainer brand that deserves an eye-catching attraction to grab the attention of the press or curious potential customers. All these examples revolve around a few fixed concepts: sport, passion and football. Are we talking about setting up a table football on your stand? Playing a benefit match in front of guests? No. It is something much better: hiring a freestyle footballer for your party.    These freestylers are actors capable of emulating the touches of Ronaldo or Messi in front of various crowds of guests, something that surely adds a corporate and coherent spirit to any event.

Adrenaline and fun with freestyle football

If you are looking to hire freestyle footballers for your event, EB makes it easy for you. We have a huge variety of actors who can give you the football show you’re after.  We are a company specialising in all types of events, from the more reserved ones to those that, from time to time, we have to pull out all the stops to dazzle the guests with.   What’s more, we take care of everything. We don’t just provide you with the best freestyle footballers in Barcelona, we can also dictate the direction of your event, the outfits, the timings and the adaptability to the event. It is a way of expressing different values and providing a spectacle that will leave your guests open mouthed.    

An event with a difference: freestyle football for everyone

At EB we take care of even the smallest details at any event. If you want to hire freestyle footballers for your occasion, we will give you all the support you need and analyse every detail to make the best possible impact. If you want a different experience for your next stand, or that event that you’ve been planning for so long, hiring freestyle footballers is an intriguing way of making an impact. Do you want freestyle footballers at your event? We are all ears.  

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