Stilt Walkers and Jugglers.

At Eventos Barcelona we have a variety of stilt walkers available for all types of event, whether it be for a guest receptions, a work dinner, conference or any kind of meeting.

Hiring stilt walkers for corporate and private events.

Our stilt walkers are circus professionals who are also skilled in other disciplines such as contemporary dance, juggling, balloon animals and magic. Hiring a stilt walker is like hiring a box full of tricks. We have a variety of stilt walker styles available depending on the type of event, including fire juggling, LED juggling, club juggling and ball juggling stilt walkers.

zancudos stilt walkers

Stilt walkers in Barcelona

An event is made up of different factors. Each one of these can take on a different form, colour or attitude. Maybe you’re thinking of organising a party with something a bit different? Suggestive canapés? A jazz orchestra? Both good options, but I reckon you want something even more original, like, say… an event stilt walker? Imagine your guests looking up while a specially dressed performer looks down on them from metres up and has a chat. The long tails of their costume elegantly and discreetly covering the attendees while they stroll around on stilts marvelling the crowd. Wouldn’t it be great?

The importance of having stilt walkers at your event

At EB we are well aware of the importance of an event and its expected end result. Months of work and budgeting all need to come together to create the desired climax. Our company uses the potential we have to be your best choice when wanting to achieve the perfect result. We listen to your ideas, make them happen and sometimes make them even better by adding those little details that change everything. We will be by your side throughout the whole organization process, from beginning to end. We have a wide selection of artists and professionals, costumes and acts to make sure that your choice of hiring stilt walkers for your event in Barcelona is even better than you imagined.

Stilt walkers: high-end events

If you eventually decide to hire stilt walkers in Barcelona for your next event, we have a variety of options available.: from juggling acts or dances to all kinds of lighting, lights and fire. We can undoubtedly provide your party with the magic needed to outshine the rest. Hiring a stilt walker for your party could be the cherry on top of the cake that everybody wants a slice of. A delicious, exclusive and personal touch that will tower over all your other choices. Are you looking for a stilt walker in Barcelona? Take a look up here and tell us more.  

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