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6 Authentic Spanish Entertainment Ideas

30 January 2020|Categories: Tips for your Event|

So… you’re holding a corporate event in Barcelona, and you want to give your attendees an unforgettable experience. Transport? Check! Accommodation? Check! Entertainment...? Congratulations. You’ve come to the right country to put on a show. Spanish culture is a vibrant, colourful kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and flavours. With some creative planning and attention to [...]

15 Great Entertainment Ideas For Corporate Events

13 November 2019|Categories: Tips for your Event|

When it comes to entertainment ideas for corporate events, things have pretty much been done a billion times over. There’s the photo booth, cooking classes, live bands, not to mention “the escape room.” Aimed at creating bonding opportunities for employees, sharing company culture initiatives, and sparking collaborations, corporate events usually have strong mandates in mind, [...]

Barcelona Events: Top 10 Places For Events

19 July 2019|Categories: Tips for your Event|

Spain is one of the favourite places for companies from all over the world to hold all kinds of events, and big cities such as Barcelona, Valencia or Madrid are the clear favourites. These events can be related to the launch of products and/or services, conventions, congresses, team building events and much more. [...]

The 5 most common event planning mistakes

20 June 2019|Categories: Tips for your Event|

Events are stories; live, and in real time. What’s more, events have no delete button. As an event planner, you are certainly in the limelight, when things go right and when things go wrong. It’s no wonder that Forbes has ranked event planning as the 8th most stressful jobs out there. ( Whether [...]

Business Events: Step-by-Step Guide

11 June 2019|Categories: Tips for your Event|

Business Events: Step-by-Step Guide Organizing events is not an easy task. It will be necessary to be able to handle the tension of the moment, the stress, while considering a long series of factors so that everything comes out as it has been thought. In addition, it will also be necessary to [...]

How To Host A Spectacular Gala Dinner

24 April 2019|Categories: Tips for your Event|

Your next gala dinner should be nothing less than spectacular. At Eventos Barcelona, we have some great tips to help you plan it Company events are a proven — and fun — way to boost morale, a sure way to increase engagement, and a great way to achieve more success for your business. In fact, [...]

Original wedding entertainment

29 January 2019|Categories: Tips for your Event|

Original wedding entertainment, how to do it A wedding is one of life’s most special events. That’s why we want it to be unique and live long in the memory of all our guests. To do this we need to organise an event that is out of the ordinary, that allows [...]

The fashionable themes for your parties

29 January 2019|Categories: Tips for your Event|

The fashionable themes for your parties We all love parties, and nowadays there is a huge variety of different themes, from formal work meetings to more easy-going occasions with friends and family. In today’s post we are going to talk about fashionable themes for your parties, providing you with a range [...]

The keys to event organisation success

10 January 2019|Categories: Tips for your Event|

The keys to event organisation success We have seen significant developments in the events sector over recent times. It is a market that generates millions of Euros each year, in our country alone. However, a lack of experience, or incapability to effectively delegate tasks can bring all our efforts to a [...]