Spanish Party

So… you’re holding a corporate event in Barcelona, and you want to give your attendees an unforgettable experience. Transport? Check! Accommodation? Check! Entertainment…?

Congratulations. You’ve come to the right country to put on a show. Spanish culture is a vibrant, colourful kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and flavours. With some creative planning and attention to detail, you can give your event an authentic Spanish twist. Here are a few pointers on how to wow your visitors.

Put on your red shoes…

Flamenco is to Spain what steak is to Argentina, bread is to France and … tea is to Brits! It’s gotta be real, hot and beautifully presented. Flamenco dancers can infuse your corporate event with pride, passion and positivity. Whether you’re looking to book traditional Sevillanas or sleek Flamenco fusion, partnering with a reliable event organization agency will get feet tapping and hands clapping quicker than you say “castanets”.

Strike the right chord

Catalan Rumba is the sound of Barcelona. An intoxicating fusion of guitar, drums and vocals, its roots are embedded in the Flamenco and footsteps of 20th century Spain. The unmistakable rhythms and melodies of “La Rumba Catalana” will bring magic and exoticism to any corporate event. Open your visitors’ eyes, ears and minds by asking an experienced event organiser to book a dazzling Rumba group, help you set the stage and get your guests humming the tunes all the way home.

Feed their senses

It’s no secret that Barcelona is a culinary capital. While you’ll never be short of catering options for any corporate event, it’s worth teaming up with a seasoned event partner to give your attendees a true taste of Spain. From paella to pintxos, tapas to tortilla, cava to calçots… and jamón to porrons – those jug-esque wine-drinking vessels that resemble a vinegar decanter and require imbibers to literally pour the contents down their throats… you can rest assured that your attendees will go home with full tummies and countless delicious anecdotes. Tapping local expertise will also enable you to treat your visitors to seasonal and regional specialties that they won’t find on any recipe site.  

Throw in special characters

From silhouette artists to singing and dancing hosts and hostesses, MCs to mime artists… spice up your corporate event with vibrant personalities that offer your attendees a warm welcome. Barcelona is a creative cradle for talented artists from the four corners of the globe, who fuse local customs and international flair to offer your guests the best of both worlds and a touch of personalisation to your events. Think Bollywood in boleros, or Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Jazz and chill out fusion …. Or, while you’re in the land where, as Lorca said, “the dead are more alive than the dead of any other country”, you could bring in human statues that revive emblematic characters from Spain’s vivid past.

Events without borders

There’s much more to Catalonia than meets the eye (or the app). If you’re looking to boost your corporate event with some authentic team building, consider booking an off-the-beaten track excursion. From a balloon ride over the breath-taking La Garrotxa national park to a visit to the Caganer Factory in Girona (quite literally, “the sh*t”), a collective quaff in the Penedès wine region, to a sunset cocktail on the blissful beaches of the Costa Brava… you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Join forces with a proficient event partner and plan an adventure that offers endless selfie opportunities and an #absolutelyunforgettable experience. 

Devil’s in the details

Add a unique Spanish twist to your event in Barcelona with thoughtful decorations and giveaways. Pick the brains of a local event specialist who can source and prepare meaningful mementos that give your event an authentic local look and feel, and leave your guests with a little of the Spanish soul to take away with them.   

Exquisite entertainment can transform your corporate event into an unforgettable experience. Whatever you have in mind, we get a kick out of surpassing expectations. Here at EB, we strive to deliver original, out-of-the-box event planning and production that lingers in the memory long after the last visitor has checked out.