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The advantages of portable seating

Event organisation can be complicated at times, especially when we need to host a large number of guests in various places throughout the year. In these cases, temporary demountable seating is an excellent option, as it has a variety of specifications that are fully adaptable to our needs, providing a huge amount of flexibility in regard to activities, both in closed and open-air spaces.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about the advantage that temporary demountable or portable seating brings to your events.

A safe and sturdy structure

The companies that manufacture and assemble the portable structures have all the means, both in terms of technology and manpower, to carry out their work securely. There are strict quality controls implemented by European regulations, so you can rest easy in the comfort that there will not be any accidents.

The seats for the temporary demountable seating are covered in a non-slip material that supports stability, and they are specially designed to have the correct back support position. They are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, coping with temperatures from 100° C to -30°C.      

They are also shock resistant, supporting impacts of up to 80 kg per centimetre. They can easily be used outdoors, as they are treated so not to be discoloured by the sun’s UV rays.

Quick set up

The temporary seating is quick and simple to set up, as it uses an anchor system for each part and does not usually require any specialist tools. This means we can erect or dismantle our seating in a matter of hours, essential if we are looking to celebrate another similar event in a close period of time.  

Hiring temporary demountable seating

There are currently several companies specialising in the hiring of temporary portable or demountable seating, and they are undoubtedly your best option. You won’t just save money, but you also won’t have to worry about the storage. That is why we always have a go-to company for the crowds at one of our sporting events, concerts or conventions. At Eventos Barcelona we specialise in the service of hiring temporary demountable seating.   

Temporary seating installation

Temporary seating can be adjusted to any standards, especially in the case of sporting events, and is easily adaptable to the characteristics of any event. This ensures that the erection of the seating be to our liking.

Temporary seating for sporting events

General regulations state that for open-air events there must be a maximum of 40 seats per line per section of the temporary demountable seating. In this case, we recommend using plastic coated seats, as they are more resistant to weather conditions.

For indoor events, the maximum is usually 22 seats per line. Here we can use wooden benches, stools and any other type of seats coated in different materials that are easy to clean and space efficient.   

Temporary demountable seating for other events

For conference rooms and other similar spaces, the standard allows for 16 seats between two exits. In this type of event, the comfort of the attendees is essential, so we would suggest hiring comfortable foam-based seats with armrests that are wider than the standard seating mentioned before.  

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