Essential entertainment for your event or party

consejos para organizar tu fiesta

If you are going to host an event, you’ve got a long road ahead of you, full of stress, organisation and last-minute surprises. But we are not trying to put you off! Actually, there are few things in life that are as rewarding as seeing your guests have a good time. That is why in today’s post we are going to talk about essential entertainment for your party, so that you add a touch of originality to make your event really stand out from the crowd.   

Show cooking

One of the newest ways of catering a party is through show cooking, a real trend in today’s parties. It is based around preparing recipes in front of guests, who are able to watch their own food being prepared. It follows the same concept of many restaurants replacing kitchen walls for windows.

It used to be the bar staff who stole the show when interacting with guests, but now it’s those in the kitchen. Guests will be left open-mouthed and able to choose the ingredients of their own tortillas, pancakes, tarts or even sushi dishes to try later on.  

Mapping Shows

We currently provide various shows including mapping shows. – “What are they?”  – we hear you ask. Well, it is the projection of images onto an event space. The audio-visuals help to create a truly incredible atmosphere and wonderful emotion.   

The images are effectively projected onto real surfaces, meaning that artistic creations based on 2D and 3D animation are produced. You may have seen them before on the façades of restored buildings and museums. Mapping can be used to perfectly compliment the music we are going to talk about next.

Event music

Music is a must for any party or event you are planning. You may want to hire a pianist to accompany a dinner or academic conference to help create a subtle and pleasant atmosphere. Or maybe you want a rock band with their own sound and lighting equipment, playing live music to get everybody up and dancing to their favourite tunes.  

Fire show

Is there anything more visually attractive than the movement of a flame? Fire shows have recently come back into fashion and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved. They are ideal for open-air parties where there is no fire risk and will leave your guests breathless.  

Party photo booth

As elaborate or as simple as you like, but always fun. Photobooths consist of a booth with a canvas hung behind, which could have your company’s logo, the names of the bride and groom or a landscape that matches the theme of the party.

The idea is for party guests to pop in and take a light-hearted photo, dressed up with various accessories such as giant glasses, colourful wigs or face paint. A beautiful gift which will bring a smile to our face every time we look at it.

We hope these tips will help you turn your party or event into a truly unforgettable memory for your guests. See you soon!

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