The European Society of Cardiology is an association that brings together more than 95,000 members of the medical and scientific community with the aim of sharing new advances and research in the field of cardiac pathologies. This association meets each year, creating the most important event for the sector in the world.

Well, this year the lucky city has been Barcelona, and the location for the event the Fira Barcelona, where more than 130,000 congressmen and women have signed up. A total success. In this sense, we are proud to have participated in such an event by the hand of BCD Meetings and Events that entrusted us, together with the organization of the congress, the production of the main show with Wow Effect for the opening ceremony with our water percussionists and their spectacular audiovisual effects customized and adapted a giant screen over 40m long and 6m high.

A show specially designed for this type of events for its impressive combination of music, visual effects, and choreography. In addition, during the opening event, we also had the appearance of our most televised magician Sergi Armentano, who created a magic stage show related to the world of cardiology that left the audience speechless. Not only this, we were also in charge of the musical atmosphere with our DJs in one of the areas of the pavilion where informal presentations and talks were held throughout the congress.

In short, it is a pleasure to be able to participate in this type of events with our shows and artists for events in Barcelona.