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The fashionable themes for your parties

We all love parties, and nowadays there is a huge variety of different themes, from formal work meetings to more easy-going occasions with friends and family. In today’s post we are going to talk about fashionable themes for your parties, providing you with a range of ideas which we hope will inspire you for your own celebrations.

What are themed parties?

Have you been to a lot of the same kind of parties recently? In that case they must have all had boring themes. Jokes aside, themed parties allow us to decorate our house, listen to different music, try different food and even ensure our guests come specially dressed up. The aim is to create a unique experience that everyone can take part in.

Pirate party

Perfect for small ones and grownups alike, great for gatherings with friends or family. Black and red should be the predominant colours of the decorations, along with pirate costumes and a good sense of humour. You could use a treasure map and play games to help find the clues, maybe a chest full of sweets for the kids or a well-stocked rum reserve for the adults?  

Hawaiian party

Hawaiian parties are great for the summer months. We can put on our grass skirts, hats, leis and other Hawaiian clothes, and head to the beach or swimming pool. Don’t forget to include the right food, such as steak or fish kebabs with fresh vegetables, and of course the tropical fruit such as pineapples or coconuts. These are ideal for classic Hawaiian cocktails such as Mai Tais and Blue Hawaiians.    

Vintage party

Vintage is never out of fashion, and it is always fun remembering when we were young (or our parents were). Choose your favourite decade and get ready for a night of laughter with your friends. There will be music from the era’s most famous artists along with trademark drinks that define the time period. All that is left is to dress up to complete the scene.   

Hippie Party

The 60s is a fondly remembered decade, highlighted by the Hippie movement of peace and free love. We can dress up in flares, flower power shirts and wigs, while listening to the Beatles and Janis Joplin. The decoration needs to be colourful, with plenty of peace sign banners that epitomise the Hippie heyday.  

Black & White Party

Unlike the party above, Black & White themed parties are embodied by elegance, meaning that the predominant colours are, as the name suggests, black and white. This type of celebration is particularly popular among 30-40-year olds at the moment, accompanied with minimalist decoration and a bohemian and electronic atmosphere.

Mexican party

We end with another explosion of colour, that will particularly grab the interest of our children. Mexican parties are the most fun of all, filled with the typical sombreros and the famous botanas, carefully prepared just for you. We can’t forget the nachos with spicy guacamole, nor the corridos or piñata. Viva Mexico!  

We hope your parties are a real success, and if you want to have a truly unforgettable experience don’t hesitate to contact Eventos Barcelona for the organisation of your party or event. And do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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