Flamenco mapping

We are especially proud of our participation in the event organised by German agency Unico-Mice for the multinational Alte Leipziger in Madrid. It was particularly special for two reasons. Firstly, because it was held in the legendary Royal Theatre of Madrid, a venue which has seen performances by some of the best international stars and secondly, because the two shows were Eventos Barcelona’s own productions – Flamenco Mapping and Opera Fantasy.

Flamenco Mapping is one of our most innovate flamenco acts, a show we created with an excellent dance company in Madrid. The dancers interact with visual effects and projected images on an impressively large screen of 20m by 8.

The Opera Fantasy show opened the gala dinner which was also held in the Royal Theatre. Two talented opera singers dressed in Venice Carnival style costumes gave us all goose bumps with their superb renditions of Nessun Dorma and Va Pensiero de Nabuco.

Once again, Eventos Barcelona not only impressed the guests with their artists’ talent but they put their heart and soul into producing unique and exclusive entertainment that marked the occasion with difference and style.