Eventos Barcelona was proud to manage the overall production for the corporate convention for the Indian company Solis, as well as their gala dinner which took place in the Hotel Pullman Skipper in Barcelona.

The technical production required us to set up a 6m X 3m LED screen with ample sound and light equipment to give the venue an impactful and spectacular ambience, worthy of all of the events we organise. We also arranged the artistic production for the event, with a Bollywood performance that made the guests feel at home, followed by an LED dancer show that wowed the audience with all kinds of LED lit props such as wings, fans and even juggling poi, perfectly customised with the company’s logo.


At Eventos Barcelona we have considerable experience organising all types of corporate event, with gala dinners being one of our specialities. Gala dinners allow us to truly capitalise on our expertise for technical production as well as draw on our extensive catalogue of available artists and shows. A unique and memorable event was enjoyed by all, as always!