Product launch

Product launch events are exactly what the name implies. Like a rocket launched into the stratosphere, you want your product launched into the world where it will finally find exposure, be appreciated, purchased, and make you money. It’s your product’s debut to the world.

A product launch is the exiting culmination of a long, laborious road from product idea to design, to production, to launch. And since it can take almost as much time to plan your product launch as it did to produce your product, you want done right. 

Unfortunately, the disturbing truth is that 95% of all new products fail. That’s right, out of 300,000 new products headed to market each year, 95% of them fail. And there’s more: A poor product launch, one that goes wrong in creating a positive brand image, can create a negative image instead. Eventos Barcelona can help to insure your product has a positive impact and help launch it into a success story. 

Here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind while arranging your product launch:

Be Clear

Buyers want to know what they’re purchasing. They deserve to know. Your launch should contain clear and concise messaging that allows them to understand your product while also convincing them they need it. They want quick clarity, not reams of documents outlining the chemical composition of your product, unless of course, they ask. 

So, be quick, clear, and concise. 

Tell a Story

We all have a story of who we are and how we got here. Products have stories as well, so tell it! Engage your audience in the lore, grab their attention, then tell it to them to sell it to them! You can even make your product’s legend the theme of your launch.  

Create a product launch plan

  • What business segments are you targeting?
  • What are your target market segments?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • Who are the product personas?
  • Create specific criteria for a successful launch. Include measurable goals such as revenue targets, number of partners carrying the product, and channel availability.

People, not products

Remember to keep your product launch event focused around your audience and how your product benefits them. It’s about them and what your product can do for them. Most people can sense a hard sell a mile away and will respond negatively if they feel you’re trying too hard to get them to buy.  So, relax. Let Eventos Barcelona do the work of creating an event that will not only be memorable, but one that will launch your product into a future of sales.