Your next gala dinner should be nothing less than spectacular. At Eventos Barcelona, we have some great tips to help you plan it

Company events are a proven — and fun — way to boost morale, a sure way to increase engagement, and a great way to achieve more success for your business. In fact, when employees were asked what leaders could do to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied: “give recognition”. So, what better day than today to start planning your next gala dinner? At Eventos Barcelona, we know how to throw a great party — and we’ve got some top tips for you!

A gala dinner is an opportunity to show off your business’s brand the best way you can, so your event should represent your company culture — as formal or casual as that may be. Indoors or outdoors, black-tie or themed, traditional or spectacular, this is your company’s moment to shine. Thankfully, gala dinners no longer need to be a sit-down formal affair (unless that’s what you’re going for.) These days, when it comes to idea planning for your event, the sky’s the limit.

That said, no successful event ever went unplanned. So, here are some factors you need to consider — the what, when, where (and why) — to help you with planning your next gala dinner. Keep in mind that planning a gala dinner is more than a one-person task, so get your committee ready! Consider your committee’s particular strengths and delegate the party planning tasks with this in mind. Speaking from experience, it will make everything run much more smoothly.

Your Guide To Hosting A Memorable Gala Dinner

Know your guests

know your guests - how to host a gala dinner - eventos barcelona

If you don’t know who your guests are, it’s hard to figure out what they would enjoy

Knowing your audience starts with knowing the purpose of your event. If your event has a clear objective regarding what it wants to achieve, this will narrow down the choices for you enormously, and make all subsequent decisions all the more easy to make. Whether the goal is to fundraise for a charity, to celebrate achievements at an awards event, or to successfully launch a product, you’ll need a clear idea of who your guests are and what a special night would mean to them.

Eventos Tip: Consider the age-range of your crowd, their particular interests, and how they like to celebrate. What would “wow” your guests and make the gala dinner a memorable one for them? Think in particular about your star guest/s — what will have them talking about this event for weeks afterwards?

Select the venue

Once you know your audience you’ll have an idea of your venue — or at least you’ll have shortlisted your options based on what you know they’ll appreciate. Some other factors that will influence your venue decision might be; the time of year, the number of guests, and the planning time needed to get the event ready. Whether you choose a “blank canvas” space, a themed venue, or a traditional affair for your party, choosing the right place to host your gala dinner is half the battle.

Eventos Tip: Find an events organiser in the location where you’ll host your event. They’ll have first-hand knowledge and the know-how to handle any red tape that you hadn’t thought about. They’ll also have insider tips and friends in high places so you can get value for your money.

Choose the entertainment

choose the entertainment - how to host a gala dinner - eventos barcelona

Selecting the right entertainment option will go a long way towards creating a memorable event experience

The entertainment you choose comes down to your personal taste, but it should also consider the tastes of your guests. That being said, don’t limit your choices. Whether you want to dazzle the crowd with dancers, musicians, artists, or clowns, anything’s possible at a gala dinner. Your entertainment might go along with the theme of the venue, or involve the audience. At Eventos Barcelona, we pride ourselves on the wide range of artists we provide for events, so you can find the right entertainment option regardless of who your guests are.

Eventos Tip: When deciding on the entertainment, take into account the technical factors too. For example, a circus show will require safety planning and space, whilst live music will require speakers and a sound system. The size of the space, and the organisation of the tables, as with the venue’s own rules, will all affect your final choice. So think big, but don’t forget to survey the venue properly beforehand.

Organise the catering

After your spectacular event, guests will be raving about a lot of things, but one thing everyone talks about afterward is the food. Whether it’s a gourmet three-course or a casual buffet, be sure to pick the best catering service, and allow the right amount of time for guests to enjoy their food. Don’t forget to ask about any dietary needs or special requirements your guests may have. This is also very important when considering the various cultural backgrounds of your guests.

Eventos Tip: Consider whether or not you need added extras such as appetisers before or after dinner. A good rule of thumb is to have food being served every two hours (depending on the length of the main meal.) And keep the bar away from the main entrance to avoid a bottleneck.

Promote your event

promote your event - how to host a gala dinner - eventos barcelona

Event promoting is key when it comes to avoiding empty seats at your gala dinner

Plan your gala dinner so that you have enough time to send out your invites — and so your guests have enough time to check their calendar, make any babysitting or travel arrangements necessary, and get back to you. Also think about how your guests would like to receive their invite — by email, by post, or by social media invite? Leave enough time to build momentum and get your guests excited about the event, but not so much time that it slips from their minds.

Eventos Tip: If your guests are travelling in from out of town especially for the gala dinner, be sure to provide a map of this new location for them, along with transport options, an optional travel guide, and perhaps even a travel itinerary. It’s the little details that people remember most.

Pick your planner

Organising a gala dinner is a big undertaking, and it can be even more of a challenge if you’re planning it in a city you’re not familiar with. This level of planning needs more than a company committee to get it off the ground. At Eventos Barcelona, we know how to throw a great party in style in our hometown. We are experts at technical planning and organising bespoke events. We can even personally recommend some amazing Barcelona venues for you to choose from.

If your company is planning a corporate event, it’s worth doing it right. And if you want to host a gala dinner to remember in Barcelona, then Eventos Barcelona is your one-stop-shop for all your technical and entertainment needs. If you don’t believe us, check out our website to see just what our creative event agency has to offer. We can’t wait to help you plan your next event.

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