Cómo organizar eventos deportivos

How to organise sporting events

Organising sporting events is key for the portrayal of a dynamic image of our sporting association. It allows us to boost development and meet the objectives proposed during the creation phase. They can be as simple as a Pilates or swimming course if we have a gym or swimming pool available, or slightly more ambitious such as a race with international professional participants. In today’s post we are going to focus on this topic and give you some advice, which we hope may help you organise your own sporting events.  

What do I need to consider when organising a sporting event?

You want to change the old routine and increase the interest of your potential new clients, so there is the first question: Who is this activity designed for? Anybody? Adults only? Children? The organisation will vary hugely depending on the target audience, so you need to have this clearly defined from the get-go.

Another key factor is the date, it shouldn’t clash with any other cultural events going on in the same area. This avoids participants having to choose between one event or another. It should also be at a convenient time of day for the majority of the attendees, to ensure as much participation as possible.

Next, we need to focus on the content and duration of the events. While this is something that is learnt through experience, the idea is that the sporting event is neither too long nor too short. With regards to the content, it is essential to have this information on the seats ready. You could also display it on your company’s social media or create some printed leaflets with the full schedule on.

Income and expenditure forecast for the organisation of sporting events

Now we need to focus on the economic planning factors. If it is a large-scale sporting event, attendees will usually be asked to make some kind of contribution. This money must only be designated to the covering of costs, and not much else, as the idea is to attract as big a crowd as possible. This is much easier if the prices are more attractive.

Take your time when calculating your investment, to ensure that there are no last-minute unpleasant surprises. Do you need to hire in extra personnel, or do you already have enough employees? Do you need additional services such as security or catering? Make an income and expenditure forecast to determine if the sporting event is viable or not, cutting down your budget for those items that are not strictly necessary.

Promoting sporting events

We end with promotion; making our sporting event visible to ensure maximum attendance. Posters are still a traditional, cheap and effective way of letting people know about the event. If you want to invest a little more, we recommend you go for a radio slot or media advertising, though this will depend on the overall reach of the activity, whether it be local or national.

If it is your first time organising such a large-scale event of this type, the results may not quite meet your expectations. However, this experience will help you to analyse what it is you have done well or badly in, as well as hearing the first-hand opinion of your attendees to be able to improve and ensure everything goes smoothly the next time you plan a sporting event.

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