The importance of having good sound and lighting equipment at a concert

You’ve spent months planning the concert, talking to various bands and looking for financial support to help make your dream possible. You’ve finally done it and you realise that it unfortunately does not live up to your expectations. What happened? Well, maybe you spent a lot of time organising the event but forgot about the importance of lighting and sound, two essential factors for the enjoyment of live music.  

Lighting and sound systems for concerts

Events are an excellent business opportunity and one of the most effective marketing activities out there. The aim is to make an impression, make our presence known in the sector and develop a more direct relationship with distributors, other professionals and potential clients. However, if we want it to triumph, we need to take great care over the sound and lighting quality, which can mean the difference between success and failure.  

Professional lighting equipment

In addition to letting us see, lighting is also vital for stage design and for the creation of a truly magical atmosphere. Having a specialist company to hire the equipment from is vital, along with ensuring that you have the technicians on hand at all times to handle any issues that may arise.

Lighting decoration allows you to divide a space and attract an audience’s attention to more solid attractions. It can change our perception of things and is an intrinsic part of any live show.

All you need to do is choose the lighting equipment that best suits the image you want to portray. There are now various types of concert lighting equipment on offer, such as general, spot, atmospheric or decorative lighting.

Professional sound equipment

To put it bluntly, the quality of the bands who have been invited to play at your events is irrelevant. If your sound technician has not done their job properly, all of them are going to sound terrible. A lot of organisers make the error of spending a lot of money on hiring bands, but then don’t focus enough on the sound equipment, amplifiers and technicians to balance out all the instruments, such as keyboards or drums.

This is why sound quality is undoubtedly the most important factor of this kind of event. To select the right equipment, we need to bear in mind the concert venue; if it is open air or closed, its shape, size and various other aspects. The aim is for the sound to be heard clearly and crisply by every attendee, regardless of where they are sat or standing.  

We recommend making the most of the venue’s acoustics and back them up with amplifiers in specific points in order to provide a complete sound coverage throughout the concert. This equipment can also be hired for other types of events such as conferences or speeches.

We mustn’t forget the sound test, where the volume is set, and the musicians and technicians make all the necessary settings to ensure that every instrument is clearly defined. If any adjustments need to be made during the show, they can be quickly made from the control desk.  

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