Led Drummers en Barcelona

Our LED drummers were the life and soul of the annual corporate event for a renowned multinational company dedicated to consulting and auditing major accounts. The event was held at the prestigious Congress Palace of Barcelona, where 1,200 employees gathered from all the firm’s branches across Spain.

The performance was split into two parts in which our LED percussionists interacted with the audience, wowing attendees in the midst of the event with their surprise appearance; in the run-up, an EB team took charge of coordinating comings and goings through the venues various access points, as well as managing optimal lighting for a spellbinding show.

Strategically situated among the audience, our percussionists began performing throughout the venue, gradually moving towards the stage, where the DJ was waiting and they could do what they know best: Batucada and choreography accompanied by impressive LED costumes.

If you would like to book our drummers group for your event or if you’d like to pick our brains about the artists in our catalogue, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be delighted to advise you and make you a personalised proposal, so give us a head’s up and we will make it happen!