light art

The Light Art Show is a show for events that stands out for its originality, spectacle, and customization possibilities, a unique technical capability that allows to create and design stories to measure with the help of LED lights. It is not surprising that the agency ADN Comunicació hired us to present a new product for the Paris division of a pharmaceutical company.

For us, it was a unique experience to be able to work for the first time in the capital of France, one of the largest MICE destinations in the world. Especially with an event show that we are so fond of. It is a company with which we have been working for many years, the last time in Prague. So, on top of the work itself, it was a special reunion with the artists.

How does the show work?

It is very simple but like everything in the art world, it takes talent to be able to create excitement with such few elements. For this show, specially designed for corporate events, the traditional brushes are replaced with cans with LED light (you heard that right) and the canvas by a photo luminescent canvas.

From this, you can draw and bring to life stories that aim to communicate a concept, which is why it is an especially attractive show for product presentations or for general business conventions that want to send a message. In addition, for its spectacularity, the Light Art Show is great as a WOW Effect since it does not leave any guest indifferent.

The duration is usually 10 min, and to implement it you need at least 3 weeks of preparation. That includes the creation of a storyboard, stages of content approval, as well as rehearsals.

Light Art