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Original wedding entertainment, how to do it

A wedding is one of life’s most special events. That’s why we want it to be unique and live long in the memory of all our guests. To do this we need to organise an event that is out of the ordinary, that allows us to escape the everyday routine and have fun. In today’s post we are going to talk about some of the original wedding entertainment around today and give you a couple of interesting examples.   

A photo booth memory

Photo booths are all the rage at the moment. They are essentially instant photos taken around a certain theme, where guests can dress up with different costumes and props. The results are photos full of happiness, and are a great, memorable gift. They are easy to set up, although it is simple enough to find a company specialising in this type of entertainment so not to complicate with the organisation of the wedding.

Instant caricatures

Instead of using a photobooth, you could choose to hire a caricaturist to draw the bride and groom and cause a stir among your guests. This stands out from other traditional wedding presents and adds a touch of fun to the event. If you have photos of your guests, you could even include their caricatures on the invitations. Imagine how surprised they’d be!

Music shows

You cannot have a celebration without music, and even better if it is live. Tunas are typically Spanish and have been playing at these kinds of events for centuries. They are able to create a relaxed atmosphere that can be a bit cheeky at times, and at others be incredibly romantic. Or would you prefer something else? Nothing adds a splash of colour to a wedding like a Mariachi band, with their eye-catching outfits and unique show. No? How about a Batucada? A percussion group that will fill your party with rhythm and get everybody dancing. There are so many options, including a Gospel Choir for a truly emotional ceremony, or a Rock Band performing all your favourite classics after the dinner instead of a bog-standard DJ. All you need to do is choose your favourite option. These acts can perform during the first or second course, the reception or even when the bride and groom enter the venue.   

Funny moments

Another innovative idea for weddings is a professional comedian, who along with their stories also makes a few references to the bride and groom and their guests. If it is a civil ceremony, and you want to avoid your guests getting bored, the comedian can even officiate the ceremony, as per your instructions. When is the best time for a comedy set? Maybe after dinner, when coffee is being served.  

The art of magic

Finally, why not have a magician at your wedding? In addition to performing their own show, they can also go around the tables performing tricks and amazing your guests, something that the kids will particularly enjoy. You can also use those moments to take photos of all your guests. We hope these original wedding entertainment shows have been of interest to you, and that your head is now full of interesting ideas. 

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